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Summers aside, students spend most of their days in the classroom. For many, this time is spent learning, growing, exploring and having fun. For a smaller percentage of students, time in the classroom is a real struggle. No matter how bright and curious they may be, they may also cover their papers because they don’t know how to get started on the writing assignment. Some students excel during class discussions and with classwork but dread taking tests because they never have enough time to finish. Others pray they won’t be called upon to read aloud in front of their classmates.

I have a heart for these students!
After earning a teaching credential in special education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo followed by a master’s degree in Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, I started my professional career at the Children's Health Council. There, I provided educational assessments as a part of team evaluations and educational therapy with a focus on reading comprehension, written expression and executive function. A few years later, I made the transition to Morrissey-Compton Educational Center, where I continued to conduct evaluations and worked as an educational consultant with Santa Clara County's Educational Rights Project. As an educational consultant, I collaborated with social workers, probation officers and attorneys with Legal Advocates for Children and Youth on behalf of students in the juvenile justice system. Most recently, I served as the Director of Educational Services at Morrissey-Compton Educational Center.

Professional Affiliations

Association of Educational Therapists
Council for Exceptional Children
International Dyslexia Association

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